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A more complete human, Part 1

What does it mean to live a good life? Philosophers have written about this questions for thousands of years, and very often we find surprisingly up-to-date answers and suggestions in texts as old as 2000 years. Sadly, most of the people in our hectic western societies (and the more and more hectic eastern societies and […]

CDK Workshop 2009 Wrap-up

The CDK workshop 2009 is over and what is left is a bad cold. But I’ll get over it. The workshop itself was phantastic – we had 40 participants with well balanced contributions from industry and academia. The first half day was dedicated to tutorials on various aspects of CDK, basic installation, our CDK and […]

CDK Workshop 2009 kick-off talk

I’m collecting some thoughts for my CDK workshop kick-off talk on Monday and I guess I’ll go for the boring regular version, with an introduction to CDK history, followed by some statistical figures and ending with an explanation of the format for the developers workshop on Tuesday afternoon. As anyone can read on our CDK […]

Open Access Journal of Cheminformatics now live!

I’m delighted to announce that the first open access journal of our field, the Journal of Cheminformatics, is now live and has published its first articles.  Journal of Cheminformatics is a new open access journal from Chemistry Central publishing peer-reviewed research in all aspects of cheminformatics and molecular modelling.  It is run by Editors-in-Chief David […]

“new open source era … for better drugs”

As we learn from a rather poorly written article over at xconomy, “Biology has never really had a social-networking movement like open-source computing, where thousands of loosely-affiliated people around the world pool brainpower to make better software”. If you translate that into what was needed for biology (or chemistry) according to the xconomy author, it […]

CDK Workshop at EBI on April 20/21

The CDK team is glad to announce the Spring 2009 CDK workshop held at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI). More than two years have passed since the last CDK workshop in Cologne and we hope to have these great events more regularly again. We are glad that the EBI Industry Program as well as the […]

The Trouble with Physics

I do not normally recommend books that I read to a wider public. Partly because I’m disappointed if someone dislikes a book that I loved, partly because I do not think that my taste is of interest to anyone, partly because 90% of my reading was written by Terry Pratchett. In addition, when it comes […]

Steinbeck group moves to European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) in January 2008

I’m very delighted to announce my move to the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) in Hinxton near Cambridge, UK, at the beginning of 2008. At EBI, I will re-establish my research group and become leader of the chemoinformatics-related service teams, including the ChEBI and Reactome teams. Future Directions at EBI All of my ongoing research projects […]

Even better HTML Slidy presentations with Marvin Applets

Putting chemistry into presentations can be a pain in the neck. Keeping it up-to-date is even worse. When I access elderly presentations of mine, where I put ChemOffice stuff into Powerpoint via OLE, I can be absolutely sure that the information is lost, after moving to Linux, Open Office and free structure editors. But there […]