ChemSpider aquired by the Royal Society of Chemistry

It’s going to be all over the place soon anyway, so I’ll make it short: The Royal Society of Chemistry has announced that it has aquired ChemSpider. This is great news and I’m confident that it will be a move to even more openess in chemistry and cheminformatics. It will also allow the RSC to use Tony fantastic tools for even more semantic markup of articles. I’m looking forward to talking to everyone about the implications. For now, congratulations, Tony, and congratulations, RSC, for this great deal.

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  1. Yup…exciting times David. Very exciting. There is so much we have done to get here and we have only just started the journey to providing a good foundation to be used in creating a semantic web for Chemistry. The messages coming in are all celebratory and congratulatory and it seems that people applaud our move. I’m glad. This IS good for the community. Chemists worldwide will benefit. I’ll invite you to raise a glass with us face to face shortly when I come to Cambridge. Soon.

  2. Oops..sorry Chris..I thought I’d clicked the link through to not Steinblog 🙂

    There has been a wave of phone calls, emails and public exchange…I’m dizzy with the congratulations.

  3. Richard Kidd says:

    Thanks for the good wishes Christoph, we’re excited here too.

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