nmrML: A vendor-neutral open exchange format for NMR-based metabolomics

Metabolomics is a growing field and the number of organisms being studied is constantly increasing as is the number of metabolites being discovered. With this growth comes a steady increase in the amount of metabolomics data and the need to ensure that we capture this information in persistent open formats and databases.

The COSMOS project (COordination Of Standards In MetabOlomicS, has been created to improve the adoption of open standards for metabolomics data, annotation with agreed metadata, and support by open source data management and capturing tools. COSMOS delivers an ecosystem of formats, tools, and resources such as MetaboLights (, a database for capturing information obtained in metabolomics experiments.

In a spotlight in the December 2014 issue of MetaboNews we introduce recent developments in nmrML (, a vendor-neutral open exchange and storage format to describe NMR-based metabolomics data.

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