CDK-Taverna paper published

CDK-Taverna workflow

CDK-Taverna workflow

We are glad to announce that our article about CDK-Taverna, an open workflow solution for cheminformatics, is now online on BMC Bioinformatics. CDK-Taverna, which lives at, features more than 160 workers for various tasks in molecular informatics.

The workflow paradigm allows scientists to flexibly create generic workflows using different kinds of data sources, filters and algorithms, which can later be adapted to changing needs. In order to achieve this, library methods are encapsulated in Lego(TM)-like building blocks which can be manipulated with a mouse or any pointing device in a graphical environment, relieving the scientist from the need to learn a programming language. Building blocks, so-called workers, are connected by data pipelines to enable data flow between them, which is why pipelining is often used interchangeably for workflow.

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