Ola Spjuth talks about “Accessing and scripting CDK from Bioclipse”

Our friend Ola Spjuth from Uppsala talks about how to access CDK from within Bioclipse using Bioclipse’s built-in scripting capabilities. Ola will cover

  • Bioclipse
  • The Use of CDK in Bioclipse
  • Scripting in Bioclipse
  • Calculating CDK properties

First we’ll download Bioclipse 2.0Beta4 from

Ola continues by explaining Bioclipse’s component architecture. For the tutorial part of his talk, he has prepared an extended set fo phantastic cheet sheats, which the user can simply run and which translate into Bioclipse scripts which are downloaded via a GIST repository. These cheat sheets can be downloaded via Bioclipse’s software update feature and I urge you to try them out.

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