ACS Meeting Salt Lake City

Downtown Salt Lake City, Image courtesy of A4GPA

Downtown Salt Lake City, Image courtesy of A4GPA

I’ve just arrived at the ACS meeting in Salt Lake City. The trip was a real nuisance, 19 hours or so, and I always ask myself why I do this stuff.Still, after a fantastic breakfast in my even more fantastic hotel, the Grand America Hotel (review pending), and now being at the meeting, is is again great to meet all the usual faces and see some great talks. For cheminformatics and chemical information, there is really no other meeting in the world with such broad attendance from the community.

My first impression from the meeting is that it is probably a little less well attended as the previous ones I’ve been to and that also the number of exhibitors has dropped significantly. This maybe partly because of the problematic economic situation but there have also been emails of companies expressing discontent with how the ACS has treated them in the past.

My program: I will

  • give two talks, one about open source for chemistry teaching in one of the CHED sessions on Monday morning, and another one in CINF general papers on Thursday morning on Machine Learning methods for proton prediction.
  • participate in the CSA Trust Board meeting on Sunday,
  • participate in the InChI subcommittee meeting on Monday
  • participate in the CIC-CINF working group meeting on Wednesday
  • co-organize the Blue Obelisk Dinner on Wednesday evening.
  • go to each and every CINF reception and Harry’s party 🙂

It looks like there is not much time for anything else but there are number of interesting sessions and individual talks here. The meeting is emphasizing chemistry’s role in nanotechnology, which of course is a very timely and exciting topic.

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