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Even better HTML Slidy presentations with Marvin Applets

Putting chemistry into presentations can be a pain in the neck. Keeping it up-to-date is even worse. When I access elderly presentations of mine, where I put ChemOffice stuff into Powerpoint via OLE, I can be absolutely sure that the information is lost, after moving to Linux, Open Office and free structure editors. But there […]

The role of open standards in publishing chemical information

A symposium entitled “Wikis, Blogs and Podcasting: Creating and Distributing Chemistry Teaching Materials in the Information Age” will be held as part of the national meeting of the German Chemical Society in Ulm, Sept. 16. – 19.. 2007, organized by the “Chemistry-Information-Computers (CIC)” division of the German Chemical Society and the “Chemical Information (CINF) division […]

Interactive Open Access and Collaborative Peer Review

An interesting article by Ulrich Poeschl on Interactive Open Access Publishing and Collaborative Peer Review in the latest issue “Forschung & Lehre” describes a publication process practiced for example by “Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics” and sister publications. In a first step, a submission is immediately published as a “discussion paper” in the online discussion forums […]